top 10 best android apps for musicians all time

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Musicians All-Time

If you are a music fan and you are in trouble of becoming a proficient musician, then the following best android apps for musicians can help you in that state of affairs.

1. SoundCloud – Music & Audio

If you are a recording and performing artist both, then you must install SoundCloud.

The app is still free to use. Not just the crowd loves it, but also some celebrity and big artists are also using it. You can share this app throughout the web as well.

Download the app from Google play store

2. Perfect Ear 2

Wondering to learn piano and keyboard? Perfect Ear 2 can help you with that.

You can find out some great ways to learn notes or chords and can easily memorize those notes or chords of pianos and keyboards through this unique music app.

Download the app from Google play store

3. Tuner – gStrings

Awaiting for a tuner to tune your violin, bass, piano or guitar? You must install Tuner – gStrings.

This app can accurately tune your music instruments. It is still a popular Android app for the music lovers out there. It tunes exactly in the direction you want to.

Download the app from Google play store

4. YouTube

There is nobody who doesn’t know about YouTube now a day.

Music fans can get tutorials on their desired musical instruments through this YouTube app. Musicians can get advises and can be connected with other musicians easily. It is a great way to get your recently edited music out in the crowd.

Download the app from Google play store

5. Walk Band

Walk Band is a cool music app to walk around with.

This app allows you to apply different types of instruments in anywhere at any time. Especially as it comes up with a good piano instrument along with guitar & drum chords. You will find so much fun to edit your own music.

Download the app from Google play store

6. Mobile Metronome

If you ever want to play drums, then Mobile Metronome is out there for you.

When no one can give you a little bit of support, this app can prove itself at that time. This simple app can make you the perfect rhythm on needed time. Metronome can help you find the perfect settings for your record.

Download the app from Google play store

7. G-Stomper Studio

This app can help the musician to create music with easy interface.

This production tool is highly optimized with some great features which can easily make you a good musician if you can properly utilize all of that.

Download the app from Google play store

8. Master Rhythm Guitar

If you desire to be a rock star, then you must utilize the free Master Rhythm Guitar app today.

You can watch over various kinds of videos and can practice on that through several methods. You will receive approximately 20 secret experts strumming in this app to become a successful guitarist.

Download the app from Google play store

9. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 app will make your music sound even better.

This app allows your audio files to play better with different types of tunes. The mixers will create different sounds which is real cool. Caustic 3 brings upon 6 different music machines to create your music better.

Download the app from Google play store

10. Spreaker Studio

Another cool musical app to hang around with is Spreaker Studio.

You can mix your audio voice with desired tracks in a second. Even you can broadcast it live. This easily accessible app allows you to control volumes and other contexts. The live chatting feature will amaze you for sure.

Download the app from Google play store

Referable to the Smartphone’s era, every music lovers can find out their desired musical apps online at whatever time. Simply you need to access the best of them. The above-mentioned apps can help you become a good musician.


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