secure your iphone with best free iphone antivirus apps

Secure Your iPhone Device with Best Free iPhone Antivirus Apps

Protecting applications and valuable data from harmful threats while using the newly bought iPhone device should be your top priority. Many companies worldwide are producing various types of iOS antivirus apps for this reason. You just need to find out the necessary apps from the iTunes store and install it onto your iPhone device. Following are some of the best free iPhone antivirus apps now a day.

Norton Mobile Security (Free)

Norton has been protecting our PC’s from harmful threats for many years. That reputation drives Norton to produce antivirus software for iPhone devices as well. You can find your stolen phone using the ‘Scream’ alarm feature anytime anywhere. You can back up your contacts and restore them anytime you want.

Download the app from Here

Trend Micro Mobile Security (Free)

The web security feature will surprise you for sure. You can find out fake sites and block them with Trend Micro immediately. It monitors your phone from identity theft and other threats all the time. You can manage your protection level as per your choice.

Download the app from Here

Avira Mobile Security (Free)

You can protect your iPhone by creating the highest level of profiles with Avira Mobile Security. You can use the ‘Calling’ and ‘Yell’ feature if your phone has been stolen or lost. Avira also offers a cloud storage service for its clients.

Download the app from Here

Lookout Mobile Security (Free)

You can keep your data safe and find your stolen or lost phone easily with Lookout Mobile Security. The unique UI and gorgeous user interface are very gentle to apply. It will tell you if your iOS version is about to be outdated.

Download the app from Here

McAfee Security (Free)

This complete antitheft solution and gorgeous user interface are pretty simple to use. You can secure your valuable data and your phone from unknown threats. You can even locate your lost or stolen phone. The update is really quick along with the fastest scanning feature.

Download the app from Here

Pray Anti Theft – Free security

The free antitheft app will help you find your lost or stolen phone using unique Geo-location technology. With one single account, you can use this app on multiple devices at the same time. Loud Alarm, GPS and Wi-Fi tracking features are available too.

Download the app from Here

Antivirus Detective (Free)

Antivirus Detective is one of the great security software in the world that can be used on the iOS platform. While browsing the internet it will detect and destroy any harmful links that may carry any Trojan viruses. This app deals with the worst malware to secure your iPhone all the time.

Download the app from Here

Avast SecureLine VPN

Did you know, Avast has its own VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that can be used as a security tool too? It will protect your internet connection and device from unknown threats and keep you anonymous. After the 7 day trial period, you need to pay a small fee to keep using the app.

Download the app from Here

You may ask, why installing a security app on your iPhone device? The only answer could be: what will happen if you lost your valuable data or banking details? To keep you away from these harmful threats, we have made a list of best free iPhone antivirus apps. You only need to choose one of them.


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