Human Rights in Islam

Time before the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the whole concept of Human Rights was far away. Some of the examples were: Burying alive the girls, difference between the poor and rich, torturing poor people, slavery, and many other worst cultures.

Female Bodybuilding Workout Strategies

Female bodybuilders may not match with male bodybuilders, but they can train harder. They get a lot of hate. Because female bodybuilders have more muscle than most men who don’t train, they’re laughed at. Not everything women do is for men’s viewing pleasure. Surely they deserve some respects.

Some Mental Strategies for Bodybuilding

Apply little mind games with yourself is a good way for bodybuilding. It is a preparation just as important as the nutritional strategies. Mental Strategies for Bodybuilding involves factors concerning your attitude and mental approach to muscle building training. You can achieve great results with your body if you learn how to use your brain.