Rebecca Black Now With Her Brand-New Single

Rebecca Black Now With Her Brand-New Single

The “Friday” singer Rebecca Black now with her brand-new single — “The Great Divide,” which reflects a more mature pop style than “Friday”. Just listen your way through the song.

Rebecca Black is now 19, told Entertainment Weekly that the song “The Great Divide” has two versions: an EDM-tinged remix and a stripped-down ballad. It is one of the most meaningful songs Black’s ever written. “This song is about letting those people feel power in knowing that’s the best decision for you,” she said. Rebecca Black also hopes to independently release an EP this fall.

When she released the overly Auto-Tuned “Friday” back in 2011, it became a viral sensation, hitting over 48 million views in its first week alone. Viewers constantly ridiculed Black, online and in real-life, some people even sent her death threats. Still, Black’s passion for music never appeared to waver. When Black turned 17, the famous singer-songwriter moved to Los Angeles to try to jumpstart a real music career. “So many people know me just by that song (Friday), but I’m much more than that,” she said.

Don’t worry Rebecca, as long as you know which seat to sit in these days, we’re fine.

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