Terror Attack in Bangladesh Continues

Terror Attack in Bangladesh Continues

Terror attack in Bangladesh continues. Departed from India in 1947 as a state of Pakistan – clinched the independence in 1971 after a 9-month of blood-shaded war against the Pakistan Army, the rise of Bangladesh politics during this time was extraordinary. From several Military Coups to the hidden terrorism inside, all occurrences had been tearing apart Bangladesh from the inside. But, Bangladesh rises again and again from that hard path as a supporter of democracy and universal religious concept. Not just the democracy, but the economic growth too is extraordinary now a day.

During this hard time, terrorists have been targeting Bangladesh for the last 2 years periodically just to break us apart once again.

Terror Attack in Bangladesh in last two years

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26th February 2015: All of this started with the killing of Avijit Roy, the founder of the Muktomona Blog. He was brutally slaughtered in front of his wife while returning back from the Ekushe Boimela.

Blogger Avijit Roy Slaughtered to Death

30th March 2015: Blogger Washiqur Rahman Babu brutally slaughtered by the Islamic terrorists in front of his home. He used to write for “Dharmakari” and “Ishtition.”

21st May 2015: 4 Islamic terrorists brutally slaughtered blogger Ananta Bijay Dash in Sylhet. He also used to write for the “Muktomona Blog” and was an active member of “Gonojagoron Moncho.”

7th August 2015: Blogger Nilay Nil used to write for “Muktomona”, “Ishtition” and on his Facebook timeline. The terrorists started following him from the moment he was there at the funeral of Ananta Bijay Dash. He knew about this and reported to the nearest Police station. But nothing could be done. Within 3 months he also brutally killed by those terrorists.

Blogger Nilay Nil

31st October 2015: Publisher Faysal Arefin Dipon was killed by some terrorists in his office of “Jagriti Prakashoni” at Shahbagh.

6th April 2016: The student of Law, Najimuddin Samad was brutally killed by that same terrorist organization at Jagannath University, Dhaka. He was an active member of “Muktomona’ Blog too.

23rd April 2016: Now the target is set for our Teachers. Professor Rejaul Karim Siddiqi of Rajshahi University was brutally slaughtered by some Islamic terrorists.

Professor Rejaul Karim

14th May 2016: The 70-year-old Buddhist Monk Woo Gainda brutally slaughtered in Bandarban.

5th June 2016: The wife of the Police Super Babul Akhtar, Mahmuda Khanom Mitu was brutally slaughtered and shot to death by some terrorists in the morning. She was waiting for the school bus with his little son. The Police Super was leading against the Islamic terrorists in Chittagong.

1st July 2016: Since 1st July 2016, the target has been the innocent civilians or the bloggers. Now the target is set for the foreigners too. This attack was totally different from the others. This was the biggest terrorist attack of all time occurred in Bangladesh. Gulshan area is famous for embassy offices. Foreigners and diplomats used to get to the Spanish Café Holey Artisan Bakery located at Gulshan-2. Six terrorists stormed there on Friday late night and brutally killed 22 people, most of them were foreigners. Bangladesh Army started their Operation Thunderbolt in the following morning and recovered 13 injured. All of the terrorists were killed in that operation instantly within not more than 15 minutes.

Army Soldiers take positions near the Holy Artisan Cafe

What is their motive? Is it to get us blacklisted to the rest of the world that our security isn’t tight enough for the foreign diplomats? If it is, our Government has to confront a greater challenge most probably second after 1971.

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