Top 10 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools copy

Top 10 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media plays an important role in mobile marketing. It introduces to the online friendship groups, online chats, and sharing files. It has become one of the most significant marketing tools for mobile business. Social media monitoring tools are easily available on the net.Businessmen can now reach to their targeted customers and analyze their commercial enterprise products. Now let me introduce you with the Top 10 best Social Media Monitoring Tools. 1st 5 of them are paid, while the next 5 others are free to use.

Top 5 Paid Social Media Monitoring Tools

trackur copy

Trackur is on the top of the paid list. It is easy to use and understand. You will capture all the statistics and analytics required for your job. Your customers can search by specific keyword as well. Trackur provides many characteristics, which ensure that your business is always kept on track. Trackur is available for a free trial at first to introduce itself to you. After the trial period, you need to subscribe for US$18 a month. It is always worth it.

Viralheat copy

Viralheat covers data from the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It uses an advanced algorithm to determine the potential customers who are interested in subscribing the service. Mobile marketers can reach targeted potential clients with this tool. It includes some unique analytics feature. The pricing starts at US$9 per month.

HootSuite copy

HootSuite is available on the net in both paid and free versions. This tool allows you to try its premium version for 30 days before you decide to buy. The paid version of HootSuite allows teams to work one behind another and monitor their conversations and campaigns.

BrandsEye copy

BrandsEye offers plans starting at US$1 a month for bloggers and some other packages for business purposes. This social media tool allows you to monitor your business online and provides information that tells you if people are happy with your brand and your products.

Social Report

Social Report helps marketers to understand visitor behavior. This tool gives information on the type of visitors to their sites, the time they spent, keyword searches, their membership, and their location data. Reach the targeted customer is a powerful tool of Social Report. It is available for a free trial of a 30-day period. You need to subscribe later at a cost of US$9 per month.

Top 5 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

Socialmention copy

Socialmention provides real-time search and analysis. It gives you alerts with keywords or your company name and daily emails on how many clients are looking for your products online. It also provides a widget to receive alerts in real time.

Google Alerts copy

Google Alerts is one of the best social media monitoring tools. It allows you to set your desired notifications, kind of results you want to see and kind of sites you want to monitor for yourself.

The Buffer Social Media Scheduler copy

The Buffer Social Media Scheduler is the easiest app to schedule status updates and special offers. This app allows you to shorten URL, select the time and date to make a search status.


Twazzup is simple to use and you don’t have to download anything at all. You only need to type in keywords and watch what people are discussing about your wares online.

HowSociable copy

HowSociable provides metrics from sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and many others. It gives you a visibility score and you can keep tracking your business through email alerts.

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